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Find Yourself in the Garden

The novel coronavirus pandemic has sent seismic waves of disruption through our lives, upsetting daily routines and lifetime dreams. It isn’t surprising that people are seeking new outlets to express themselves, and to relieve the boredom of sheltering at home and the stress of dealing with the unknown. Gardening – all kinds of gardening –Continue reading “Find Yourself in the Garden”

Sheltering in the Garden

The coronavirus has many of us cornered in our homes, locked down, sheltering in place and/or social distancing. Many states, and in some others states each county or city, has a different order or suggestion for how to stay healthy and safe during the COVID-19 Pandemic. As I write this, Vermont is basically on lockContinue reading “Sheltering in the Garden”

Do 20th Century Ideas work today?

Today is the 110th anniversary of Lyman Wood’s birth. He would be astonished at the technological advances that have occurred in the 24 years that have followed his passing in 1996. But knowing the nimbleness of his mind, and the way he embraced new ideas during the 20th Century, I think he would have foundContinue reading “Do 20th Century Ideas work today?”

Spring is Just Around the Corner

The seed catalogs are out! Lyman Wood always called this time of year “psychological spring.” As soon as the lush green catalogs started arriving in the mailbox, gardeners’ imaginations came alive with plans for the new year’s gardens. Let me set the scene for you. Lyman lived in Charlotte, Vermont, and usually worked at home.Continue reading “Spring is Just Around the Corner”