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The story of Lyman Wood – direct marketing entrepreneur and visionary promoter of the “garden way of living” – is told in the fascinating business biography

What a Way to Live and Make a Living.

      Lyman Wood – entrepreneur and promoter of the “garden way of living” – was one of the founders of Garden Way, Inc., which built and sold the Troy-Bilt Rototillers, the big-wheeled Garden Way Carts, and many other products for home and garden.  Lyman helped develop many of these products at the experimental vegetable gardens near his home at Cedar Beach in Charlotte, Vermont. But even more important to Lyman was the creation of an ethic of doing business in a way that was beneficial to others, including employees, customers, and the environment.  He called his approach “not for profit only” business practices, and “doing well by doing good.”  One of his proudest accomplishments was the founding of Garden Way’s non-profit arm called Gardens For All, which promoted vegetable gardening and community gardens in Vermont and throughout the United States. Important educational programs for children were developed by Gardens For All, which are continuing nationally by KidsGardening.org, located in Burlington, Vermont.

 Roger Griffith, a former editor at Garden Way Publishing, wrote the book about Lyman’s business life and Garden Way. The title is What a Way to Live and Make a Living: The Lyman P. Wood Story.  It was published in 1994 by In Brief Press. Drawing on Lyman’s over 50 years of experience as one of the pioneers of direct marketing in America, this very readable book is full of anecdotes, marketing tips, sage advice and musings about business and life in the twentieth century.

252 pages, illustrated, quality soft cover

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The back page of What a Way to Live and Make a Living

Gardening was Lyman’s hobby and business inspiration

Lyman with one of the garden tools he helped develop, an electric power wagon built and sold by Country Home Products.

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